Kumi-cube Lantern Kit
Kumi-cube Lantern Kit
Kumi-cube Lantern Kit

Kumi-cube Lantern Kit

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This kit is meant to accompany the "Kumiko Starter Kit". 

The included plans describe how to make this lantern, NOT the kumiko patterns. That is covered in the starter kit.

This kit includes all the pieces and instructions to make a desk top kumiko lamp. This is a great introductory kumiko project. To complete this kit, you will need a handsaw and chisel or block plane as well as a way to accurately cut miters, chamfers, and drill holes. 

- Included pieces

Basswood pieces to make 5 kumiko panels

Cherry pieces for frames and feet

Cherry base

5 precut pieces of shoji paper

An elegant lantern to beautifully illuminate any space you choose. Great as a night light or ambient light for a cozy evening. Kumi-cube combines to the two words that make up the aesthetics of this lamp. “Kumi” from kumiko and “cube” from... well, it’s a cube.

- Recommended lamp hardware and light bulb

Lamp hardware

Light bulb

Be sure to use an LED bulb that doesn't produce heat. Never leave this lamp on and unattended for a long period of time.

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