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Plans - Drill Press Table

Plans - Drill Press Table

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A drill press is a great tool but it has its faults. They often don't have great dust collection, a way to drill repeatable holes, or have storage to keep your chuck key or other commonly used items close by. This table fixes those issues.

This table features an expanded steel center to help collect sawdust and chips. A sliding fence and table to aid with repeatability and material support. It also has two drawers for commonly used items.

Items you'll need

~48" x ~22" x 3/4" plywood

~27" x ~19" x 1/8" plywood

12" x 12" x 0.75" Hole x. 9 ga. Stainless Steel Expanded Flattened

25 1/2" T-track

0.25"-20 T-nuts (qty. 2)

0.25"-20 x 1.25" Star knob (qty.2)

Additional items

CA glue - use JTWOODWORKS10 for 10% off

1 1/4" screws

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