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Kumiko Table Saw Sled - 90º & 30º/60º

Kumiko Table Saw Sled - 90º & 30º/60º

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The upgraded V2 Kumiko Table Saw Sled is now available!

This model is discontinued. Please check out the V2 model.

Designed exclusively to enhance the creation of accurate jigumi (the exquisite gridwork of kumiko), our range of sleds offers versatility to suit your specific needs.

The 90º sled perfectly caters to square and rectangular grids while the 30º/60º sled seamlessly handles triangular and diamond grids, allowing you to bring your vision to life.

Both sled models are thoughtfully designed with fixed, highly accurate fences that serve as your unwavering reference points. Additionally, they are equipped with aluminum adjustable registration keys, expertly assisting you in achieving perfectly spaced joints. The registration keys measure 1/8" in thickness, perfectly tailored for use with 1/8" materials.

Using the sled is effortless! Simply adjust the registration key to your desired spacing, and ensure you equip your saw with a blade that matches the thickness of your strips. Begin by making your first cut, then aligning it precisely over the the registration key. Continue this seamless process for each subsequent cut along the entire length of strip, always ensuring the strip lays flat along the fence and base of the sled. While it is possible to cut multiple strips at once, for optimum precision, cutting them individually is recommended.

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